COVID-19 is a global emergency that calls for unprecedented multi-sectoral collaboration for social good. To minimise transmission and reach out to those affected, WE must act swiftly and more importantly, act together. Therefore, WE bring to you, The COVID Action Collaborative.

The Collaborative has individuals, organizations and networks representing the public, private, civil society, academic and other sectors who have come together with expertise in areas of Public Health, Medicine, Engineering, Technology, Sociology, Behavioral Science, Mental Health, Migration, Financing, Humanitarian Emergencies and more.

The aim of the COVID Action Collaborative is to support various stakeholders – civil society, private sector, academics, networks, foundations and governments to rapidly and cost-effectively prevent new infections, diagnose early, treat appropriately and mitigate any other impacts.

To do this the Collaborative operates on three strategies – Calibrated Response, Information Exchange and Solution Circles.

Strategy 1 – Deliver a high impact package of services to key communities (2 million), where the collaborative members have a direct presence or reach.

Leveraging their presence and reach, the collaborative members are putting together and delivering a package of services prioritising special communities. The package is customised based on communities and geography and includes home-based care, community-level testing, mental health support, food and essential supplies, social protection helpdesk and loan facilitation among others. 

Strategy 2 – Setup and operate an information exchange and build capacities of key partners and actors.

Based on good practices of humanitarian responses, the Collaborative is aggregating from credible sources, a listing of documents, tools, apps, reports, graphs, estimates, good practices, IEC, BCC materials, other live sites. Further, it is hosting a live information exchange for volunteers, materials, financing where members can post requirements and supplies. The Collaborative is also consolidating technology-based tools to help the members work more efficiently. 

Strategy 3 – Solve critical challenges which can have a high impact on response.

The collaborative is assembling interested experts and organisations across domains in Solution Circles to examine COVID-19 related challenges and opportunities with the aim of coming up with evidence-based, cost-effective and scalable solutions. Currently, some problems being examined include – how to estimate resources required for a city/town, how to deliver primary care online, how to do large scale testing of communities. More solution circles will be formed, based on the need with the leadership from one of the collaborative members.


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