Communications: In conversation with Padmini Murray of Design Beku




DesignBeku supports the communications response to COVID-19 as a member of the CovidActionCollab. The CAC team spoke to Padmini Murray from DesignBeku to understand their experience of being part of the COVID-19 response so far.


What have been your key actions, initiatives and outcomes around the COVID-19 response?

At DesignBeku, everything we do relates to the COVID 19 response. The work that we usually do is design collateral, research for NGOs and Small Organisations. We have been working on the following initiatives:

  • Home safety, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
  • COVID-19 Social Media Campaigns 
  • Myth-busting
  • Developing content for any Demographic that is not highly literate

We have heard that our videos have been used in Rajasthan in some remote villages where there is illiteracy. There is a bank manager in these villages who teaches the people about COVID-19.

What are your biggest learnings/challenges?

Learnings: Developing targeted content to relevant  communities to improve effectiveness of our response is critical. NGO Mapping is a very good idea from Swasti, we are using to help our efforts.

Challenge: Developing multilingual content

How did you leverage the COVID Action Collaborative?

We have found two critical partners for our social media campaigns through the collaborative.


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