Finance Human Resource Materials Information Infrastructure and Equipments
  • Estimating the required finance
  • Mapping of funders and donors
  • Mobilising funds from local, national international donors, foundations and corporations
  • Deploying the fund for prevention, treatment, care and products
  • Robust financial management and reporting system
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  • Estimate requirements for space, facilities and equipment, quarantine spaces
  • Identify and enroll various medical and non-medical (potential facilities)
  • Identify and certify quarantine space
  • Identify upgradation requirements and commission – infrastructure and equipments
  • Mobile units, ambulances, land army etc
  • Set up enhanced waste management system and protocol in place
  • Set up help-lines, decontamination units, temporary shelters, sanitation requirements etc.
  • Deploy infrastructure information management system (to know load)
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  • Aggregate data, information which will be used for planning and actions. (human resources, infracture, materials, finances, partners etc)
  • Use the data and information for prioritisation and actions, predict trends
  • Track the progress, response and impact
  • System in place for information, communication and knowledge management.
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  • Mapping and assessment of various types of materials
  • Procurement and supply chain management system in place (including logistics)
  • Ensure safe storage of products and supplies
  • Supply inventory system and management in place (including expiry tracking where necessary)
  • Ensure timely availability of transportation including staff safety
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  • Mapping and enrolling – thematic experts; medical and para-medical staff; non medical volunteers; counsellors; land army, financial and epidemiological, estimators, supply chain, logistics; community outreach workers / frontline health workers; drivers, technology etc.
  • Deploy the human resources based on the need and have a rapid tracking system
  • Ensure Human Resource safety procedure and protocols
  • A system to manage and coordinate the HR
  • Ensure capacity building, supportive supervision and safety of team
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