Coronavirus Monitor

A live tracker of coronavirus cases in India. It covers live cases, deaths and discharged/mitigated cases. It also tracks live district-wise data, hotspot data, state trends and active testing centres.

COVID-India: Collation of all Government Orders

COVID-India is a group of activists, researchers, lawyers and students who came together to collectively track the rapidly evolving situation after the nation-wide lockdown was announced in light of COVID-19 outbreak.The central government, state governments and courts responded to the fallout effect of this lockdown by announcing different social security measures to cushion its impact on the population, particularly focusing […]

State COVID-19 dashboards

States have been monitoring their own outbreaks of COVID-19 using their own data portals. For those looking for state-specific data, these are the links to the available state-level dashboards in India. The list was compiled by a Twitter user Devesh Kumar (@onosmosis) at the links here Kerala: Tamil Nadu: Andhra Pradesh: Gujarat: Rajasthan: Karnataka: […] is an India-specific dashboard tracking the most recent Covid-19 case numbers, as well as the country’s capacity for testing, treatment, quarantine, supplies, equipment and other key features of the response. Data sources used are Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Worldometers, JHU, BNO or crowdsourcing with verification of official sources; ICMR (for testing). Situational Status in India   Photo […]

Worldometer Covid-19 Dashboard

Worldometer is a real-time statistics project that provides a global live feed on the COVID-19 pandemic. Data is sourced from official reports, directly from Government communication channels or indirectly, through local media sources when deemed reliable. With sources meticulously recorded in its “Latest Updates” (News) section, the accuracy of Worldometers data is based on the quality of the data that […]

COVID-19 Collaborative: Live Updates

The COVID-19 Collaborative has developed a live feed for data on India. The data is updated statewise, as well as by demgraphy. They are using state bulletins and official handles to update their numbers. The data is validated by a group of volunteers and published into a Google sheet and an API. the API is available for all at […]

Noora Health COVID-19 Needs Finding Preliminary Report

This brief report is an early update on an ongoing needs-finding study that Noora Health and its partner organizations are conducting in India. They conducted surveys with 866 community members and 25+ healthcare workers across India from March 23-31, 2020. This is an initial analysis of how COVID-19 is being understood and responded to by community members and healthcare workers, […]

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases Dashboard

A live dashboard reflecting the latest global numbers on the COVID-19 pandemic, including active cases as well as treatment outcomes. The data is compiled from a range of sources including WHO, CDC, ECDC, NHC, DXY, 1point3acres,, BNO, state and national government health departments, and local media reports.


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