Social distancing means home closeness: rise in domestic violence during COVID – 19 lockdown

The blog by Sneha, discusses the reasons of rise in domestic violence during COVID-19 lockdown, response to the needs and rights of excluded and neglected groups, WHO’s information on how to response to the pandemic and on SNEHA’s Program on Prevention of Violence against Women and Children.  

Increase in reporting of Domestic Violence during COVID-19: insubstantial research evidence in comparison to women’s lived realities

This blog by SNEHA, highlights the various risk factors due to which Violence against women and children is widespread across the globe, and the likelihood of pandemics interacting with vulnerable populations to trigger it leading to volatile and unsafe situations for them.  

#COVIDActionCollab Round Table-2: Sentiments Around COVID Vaccination

With more than 77 million confirmed cases across the globe, COVID-19 pandemic is a global emergency that calls for unprecedented multi-sectoral collaboration for social good. As international partners work together on the response, tracking the pandemic, advising on critical interventions, distributing vital medical supplies to those in need, they are racing to develop and deploy safe and effective vaccines as […]

When Home Is Unsafe: Abusive Men Put Women at Risk During Lockdown

This article shares stories of domestic abuse in households where women have been quarantined. It examines intimate partner violence and domestic abuse data during the pandemic, and highlights the dangers for women in such contexts. It further recommends strategies to prevent cases of abuse for individuals in such situations. The article also recommends policy level solutions to address domestic […]

COVID-19 Academy

Sphere India in collaboration with many supporting partners has launched the COVID-19 Academy to build capacities of frontline volunteers and outreach workers through a range of technical sessions for preparedness and response to COVID-19. This online academy is training health workers through a series of daily webinars. This resource is for all frontline and community level stakeholders, delivering services to […]

From Ebola and Cholera to COVID: How lessons from Past Epidemics inform a better COVID-19 Response

This document summarizes lessons from CARE’s long experience of providing assistance in public health crises, particularly the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and the Haitian cholera outbreak. In situations of crisis, the document outlines key principles guiding a non-profit response in terms of organizational readiness, leadership, community engagement, people, partnerships, communications, MEAL, and program activities. A useful document for non-profit […]

List of Surveys Carried out in India Around COVID-19

This page archives information on COVID-19 related studies and efforts being conducted by Azim Premji University as well as partner institutions, Civil Society Organisations, academic institutions, and individuals. It also includes studies carried out by other institutions or organisations for ease of reference.  

When Home Is Unsafe: Abusive Men Put Women at Risk Even In Lockdown

This article throws light on the increased instances of domestic abuse during the nationwide lockdown. There has been a drop in the number of calls to the domestic abuse helpline. This indicates greater silence of committed abuse. The article suggests what to do when facing abuse or how to help someone facing abuse. It also mentions reccomendations for policy makers […]

Civic Solidarity

A google form which is tracking COVID-19 response. The form aims to document initiatives taken in different parts of the country by local administrations, market players (business groups, traders etc.), civil society (NGOs, collectives etc.), independent citizenry, political organizations and religious institutions. This is to bring the information to a public domain and understand systematically the nature of civic solidarity. […]

India’s focus on coronavirus, leaves TB and HIV patients adrift

The article aims to bring to light the plight of patients suffering from other life threatening diseases in light of COVID-19. It brings to the forefront the lack of access to medicines and services for diseases like TB and HIV, as the health system grapples with COVID-19, and its consequences, Specially for TB and HIV, without timely medication, patients are […]

Listing of all government orders passed as part of Covid-19 response

The government of India and state governments have implemented a series of notifications outlining their response to COVID-19, which affect the work of governments themselves, businesses, citizens as well as specific groups. PRS Legislative Research has compiled a list of all major notifications issued in India in response to COVID-19. The list can be filtered by Centre/state, by sector of […]

COVID-19 advisory rural and low-income communities

Most research priorities do not focus on the impact of COVID-19 in low income and vulnerable populations. As a matter of human rights, we require some technical solutions (simple PPE, methods of hygiene and disinfection, and tailored guidance) oriented specifically towards low-income and vulnerable populations. This document developed by GramVaani, identifies and highlights practical solutions for prevention and care that […]

As the world comes together, India’s transgender community fights Covid alone

An article by Amnesty International, outlining challenges faced by India’s transgender community in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. Image by Sharon Mccutcheon

Maharashtra takes steps to protect homeless population during epidemic

In the aftermath of India’s COVID-19 lockdown, specific groups have emerged as particularly vulnerable to the economic and social consequences of this preventive action. One key group among these are the homeless, who are forced to occupy public spaces and utilise shared facilities, face hunger and are subject to reprisals for violating social distancing. This article outlines Mumbai’s action plan […]

Gender and Data Resources relating to Covid-19

A lack of data, particularly disaggregated data, on the impact of the pandemic hinders response efforts, particularly for the most vulnerable populations. To address this gap, Data2x has compiled resources and current reporting on gender and gender data as they relate to COVID19 preparedness and response around the world, including the current and anticipated impacts of the pandemic. Gender and […]

Catalyst Group COVID-19 Audio Advisories

A key challenge during the pandemic has been assessing and addressing the risk at workplaces. This COVID-19 advisory developed by the Catalyst Group is maintained in accordance with Ministry of Health and Family Welfare directives, and recommends actions for organizations to take, based on COVID-19 risk levels. Audio versions of the Catalyst Group COVID-19 advisory are available in Telugu, Tamil, […]

COVID-19 Workplace Advisory by the Catalyst Group

A key challenge during the pandemic has been assessing and addressing the risk at workplaces. This COVID-19 advisory developed by the Catalyst Group is maintained in accordance with Ministry of Health and Family Welfare directives, and recommends actions for organizations to take, based on COVID-19 risk levels. Image by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash.

Covid-19: Lessons from South Korea

This brief piece summarizes the key features of the South Korean response, to share learnings with implementers and health administrators in other contexts. While these recommendations reflect the particular context of South Korea, it provides a counterpoint to the approach taken by many other developed countries: being open, testing- rather than treatment-focused, effectively multisectoral and broadly participatory.

Coronavirus: How prepared is India?

While data on India’s Covid-19 epidemic and response abound, this weekly podcast provides an analysis of the numbers in the context of state capacity and governance in India, providing policy insights at a macro level that support decision-makers to understand the big picture.


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