A perspective on India's fight against COVID - 19

April 27, 2020

To understand the specific nature of the Covid-19 epidemic in India, this article looks at the disease through three elements of epidemiology – agent, host and environment. The agent is reported as two strains of SARS-CoV-2, in which one is more aggressive and spreads quickly. In terms of hosts, the article explores the variations in susceptibility within the Indian population, as well as the range of presentations in different hosts, from asymptomatic to severe. In terms of environment, the article analyses the question of weather may act as a protective factor against disease mortality in the country.


Community Based Care & Support for COVID-19

Swasti works with the most poor and marginalized communities in India partnering them to make health and well-being real. To break the chain of COVID-19 transmission, it is imperative to provide the most marginalized with practical solutions to isolate and receive care through, Community Care Centers, Home quarantine kits and HelloSwasti
Authored by Deepika Karotia and Anil Kumar, in Epidemiology International.

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