#IncredibleCollabs | Partnering with Pragati Koraput

April 17, 2022

Pragati Koraput is an organization working with forest dependent communities, small and marginal farmers, women headed and migrant households in the most fragile landscape of Odisha. They are an active partner of the #COVIDActionCollab (CAC) and have partnered with us to build the socio-economic capacities of the communities they work with. 

Pragati Koraput supports six Farmer Producer Organizations (FPO) in the district of Koraput. Two of these FPOs are a part of the SHILP Program anchored by PHICUS in partnership with CAC. Four of the six are newly established FPOs that required support in understanding the tenets of Governance and Management as well as gathering knowledge on Financial Literacy for their members.

The team began by collecting preliminary data which helped them curate and customize the module in the regional language. On the 29th and 30th of March the team hosted it’s first training on Governance and Management. Representatives from all four organizations were present and actively participated in the training. The over all session helped the participants address the challenges they’ve faced and shared their individual learnings. Best practices were also discussed.


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Swasti is setting up a 90 bed modular hospital within the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases, which will function as part of the existing Institute. This facility will be used for care provision for COVID in the coming year and in future will provide care for people who come to this facility; it is right next to 2 other Govt. hospitals (NIMHANS and Sanjay Gandhi Trauma Centre)

Trainings like this one helped the participants and the organization access the information they needed, they shared that in previous trainings didn’t address a lot of their needs where as the flow and topics taken up by the CAC team addressed their concerns and were relatable. As the sessions were conducted in the local language, it was easy to understand and was engaging as well. The examples and analogies shared during the trainings was also something that helped them understand the concepts better. The CAC team is now looking forward to conducting many more trainings on topics related to Marketing and Value Chains. 

Building the capacities of our partners is essential to ensure hard to reach and vulnerable communities bounce forward and are resilient in the face of adversity. 

About Pragati Koraput:

Pragati Koraput, registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 has been working for socio-economic well-being of forest dependent communities, small and marginal farmers, women headed and migrant households in the most fragile landscape of Odisha. Pragati is responding to the issues of climate change and humanitarian crises through building capacities of communities and the ecosystems. Empowerment of women and working through farmers’ collectives are the key strategies adopted for sustainability and community ownership. The present operational areas of Pragati spans over Koraput, Raygada and Nowrangpur Districts of South Odisha reaching out to the bottom of pyramid population.

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By enrolling you can contribute to and benefit from this collaboration. Also, do encourage other organisations and experts to join hands with us. The key benefits of being part of the collaborative is access to people, resources, financing & partnerships and the ability to make a greater collective impact.

COVIDActionCollab is not merely an aggregation of partners, but is an aggregation of capacities, through which we have developed key high impact initiatives. We have drawn upon our one year’s experience at CAC and engagement with our large constituency of partners to put together a menu of initiatives for funders/investors to support which will save lives and livelihoods, and enable vulnerable communities to 'bounce forward’. Support these initiatives to build resilient communities