#SahajCollective: Comprehensive Community Survey

January 1, 1970

Care for Farmers & Fisherfolks

Vrutti’s response to COVID-19

Vrutti is working with farmers, fisherfolk, and marginalised communities in selected locations across seven states.join hands with Vrutti in their  endeavour to support the communities who feed us with farm produce, fish and services that make our lives run.
The #SahajCollective, is a Pro Bono initiative by Dataogram to enable you to to learn more about your community and the challenges they are facing. They have created a community survey (sample) with the help of Save the Children India and Educo to comprehensively survey communities and . The survey is comprehensive and is designed to address the most critical questions and scenarios. The data you collect will be available online on ( 24 X 7 and you will get to see deep analysis of your data as well.
#SahajCollective can help you to use the standard survey or modify it. Once the scope of the survey is finalised, they will create a survey link for your organisation which can be shared & used by your team / volunteers. Each organisation will get an EOD report and real time online dashboard access
Note: Personal data (eg: Name / Address etc ) about your beneficiaries will not be shared with the co-creators
Reach out to the #SahajCollective for questions and support:
Partner Mobile: (+91) 98740 51516 | (+91) 90044 93138

By enrolling you can contribute to and benefit from this collaboration. Also, do encourage other organisations and experts to join hands with us. The key benefits of being part of the collaborative is access to people, resources, financing & partnerships and the ability to make a greater collective impact.

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