Stocktaking of GBV Response

January 1, 1970


Get us to the finish line of completing a 90-bed hospital for Government of Karnataka

Swasti is setting up a 90 bed modular hospital within the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases, which will function as part of the existing Institute. This facility will be used for care provision for COVID in the coming year and in future will provide care for people who come to this facility; it is right next to 2 other Govt. hospitals (NIMHANS and Sanjay Gandhi Trauma Centre)
The cost and consequences of Gender Based Violence (GBV) are largely borne by women and girls. To effectively respond to this stock taking of various actors, actions, good practices and gaps is important. Swasti conducted a conducted a review and stock taking exercise with local stakeholders in Bangalore city (March 2014 to July 2014), using a comprehensive ecosystem GBV Framework as a lens to analyze the response. The review included a desk study, individual interviews, documentation of good practices and analysis using a Safe City GBV framework. The following document is a review and stock taking exercise with a view to move towards action. Stocktaking of GBV response in Bangalore UNWomen   Download Pdf

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