The Learning for Impact (L4i) platform provides comprehensive information and resources on COVID-19 and current trends

April 27, 2021

“Learning for Impact” or “L4i” is a knowledge-dissemination platform with freely accessible resources that has been created by Swasti, a non-profit focused on health initiatives for marginalized communities. Swasti, is a partner of the CAC and is one of the 6 organizations within the Catalyst Group which has ideated and incubated the collaborative. The resources available on this platform include IEC materials published by international health organizations and certain CAC partners, as well as general health advisory materials pertaining to COVID-19 awareness and preparedness.


Community Based Care & Support for COVID-19

Swasti works with the most poor and marginalized communities in India partnering them to make health and well-being real. To break the chain of COVID-19 transmission, it is imperative to provide the most marginalized with practical solutions to isolate and receive care through, Community Care Centers, Home quarantine kits and HelloSwasti
You can access a host of resources at The Learning for Impact (L4i) platform



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