Highlights from Partners’ Meet, April 11th 2020

The COVID Action Collaborative held its weekly Partners’ Meet on Saturday, April 11th. This week’s webinar featured three partners on the panel- Urban Morph, Siriti and Change Alliance.  

The Panel: 

  • Urban Morph, an urban spaces organisation in Bengaluru, is delivering essential items to the elderly in the city with the help of cycling enthusiasts. Urban Morph is looking for partners who can help design technology platforms and communication materials, and can help map the healthcare system. 
  • Siriti is a Mumbai-based communications and design agency that works with corporates and charities. 
  • Change Alliance is working with the Government of Jharkhand on the COVID action helpline for the migrants. The helpline has helped over 20 thousand people so far who are asking for support. Change Alliance could use help providing tele-medicine and financial support to stranded migrant workers.

Other Insights & Discussions:

Physical distancing and Social closeness is the new mantra” said Shiv Kumar, Catalyst Group. Discussions also addressed the issue of domestic violence during COVID lockdown and the need for COVID-19 friendly hospitals. 


  • Software to map elderly population (by Urban Morph): https://github.com/monsoonforest/senior-citizens-bengaluru
  • ARTIST can build the capacity of all health-care providers through SKILL transfer program via Zoom Calls. They are looking for an impactful creative for indicating Social Vaccine (social distancing). Collaborative partners who can be leveraged for communications design support include: Design Beku, Idea-sutra, and Siriti
  • Aveksha-PCMH Restore Health is a group of doctors doing home visits particularly to the Elderly. There seem to be strong synergies in terms of medical needs/support of the elderly
  • AFPI has Family Doctors practicing across the country. They have a fully functional teleconsultation line and several of the family doctor members across the country are also doing home visits. Happy to connect and facilitate coordination if needed



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