To enable innovative, collective action to provide timely, meaningful solutions to critical humanitarian challenges, the COVIDActionCollab (CAC) has championed a unique model of collaboration called Impact Canvas (IC).  Impact Canvas is a platform that brings together multi-sectoral, impact-focused partners, who can rally around one ultimate outcome (e.g. higher testing, cleaner public spaces) to provide effective, meaningful solutions that mitigate the effects of the pandemic and achieve scale, impact, and sustainability in a collective fashion.

Why join/become an Impact Canvas?

  1. Prototypes and innovations Avail a platform for comprehensive problem solving, solution design and development- reducing time from ideation to testing to implementation of new and existing innovations2.
  2. Partnerships and connections Quickly connect and build relationships with all key stakeholders (government, nonprofits, CSR and design organisations, academia, etc) relevant to your program.
  3. Ease of scale Leverage the power of CAC partnerships to scale across communities and geographies (create impact at scale, as opposed to scaling impact).4.
  4. Aggregate funding and joint fundraising Collectively raise resources and funds for your cause, with the backing of 300+ organisations
  5. Reduce/share failure risks and discovery costs

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