Digital divide bridged in Education

Initiative: Tabs for 1 million children

Domain: Education, Livelihoods


Children from lower socio-economic strata do not have access to the devices necessary to enable their education in COVID times. In response, CAC is working on an initiative, Tabs for 1 million children, which aims to provide custom-made, affordable and durable tablets to digitally-excluded, low income families. They will come pre-loaded with classroom curricula to enable children’s learning, thanks to partners such as Mission Vishwas. The tablets are being designed as comprehensive, highly functional, recyclable and easily repairable devices, and will be manufactured in India. Hence, in addition to improving learning outcomes for children, this initiative will lead to job creation for youth in manufacturing and maintaining devices. The vision of the initiative is to reach 1 million children, pan India (including rural, urban, semi-urban areas), across different contexts and vulnerabilities.


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