Materials: In conversation with Gowri Shanker from The Royal Surgicals

The Royal Surgicals, a member of the CovidActionCollab, is a supplier of surgical items. The CAC Team spoke to Gowri Shanker from The Royal Surgicals to understand their experience as part of the COVID-19 response.


What have been your key actions, initiatives and outcomes around the COVID-19 response?

We started by creating awareness about the symptoms of COVID-19 and precautions the public should take, including wearing masks, social distancing and personal hygiene. We also sanitised our premises. In these ways, we made sure to do our part in breaking the chain of infection.

To fulfil our sense of social responsibility, we helped a local team provide food and other essential services to people in need. We also helped with the delivery of groceries and medicines to homes.

We wanted to strengthen our networks and cement our partnerships.. For this cause, we engaged in work that ensured a continuous connection with our partners. We also conducted activities directed towards the wellbeing of people. 

Financially, we tried to make cuts in our budget through mass procurement and an increase in supply chain systems.

What are your biggest learnings/challenges?

We wanted to initiate and support social welfare activities, but we faced resistance from political parties and the police. 

Have any stories/insights emerged from the field or your work?

We had come in contact with a family with two children. The parents were daily wage workers, and due to nationwide lockdown, they were now unemployed. They couldn’t afford to feed themselves. We took quick action by taking them to the president of the local panchayat. He ensured that they would receive their required ration and vegetables for two months. Because of this,  they no longer have to suffer from starvation, and feel very grateful.

About the Author: Ronak Parhi is a student of CHRIST (Deemed to be University). He is currently a media intern at Swasti.


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