Webinar: Innovative Solutions for Delivering Healthcare during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Webinar Objective and Target Audience 

Audience: Private clinicians, clinic and hospital management for both public and private sector 

Organizers: This webinar is being organized by the #COVIDActionCollab- a collaborative of various individuals, companies and NGOs that have come together to respond to the COVID19 pandemic in India. This group has partners with expertise in areas of Public Health, Medicine, Engineering, Technology, Sociology, Behavioral Science, Mental Health, Migration, Financing, Humanitarian Emergencies and more and aims to support various stakeholders – civil society, private sector, academics, networks, foundations and governments to rapidly and cost-effectively prevent new infections, diagnose early, treat appropriately and mitigate any other impacts. You can read more about the collaborative here

Webinar Objective: As the number of COIVD19 cases expand in India the private sector will inevitably start to play a bigger role in referral and treatment of patients. This is already the case in several larger cities and metros. This webinar is aimed at introducing various innovative solutions and tools that have been developed by our partners which could be useful to support patient care and logistics management during this pandemic. We hope that the webinar will help generate ideas of how one can use or adapt some of these solutions within your clinics and hospitals and help make connections to partners providing these solutions and tools. 

Webinar Panelists 

PHCM Restore health: ILI screening and triage tool 

Active case finding will need to be the cornerstone of our work against COVID19. In the absence of affordable and simple screening tests that can be administered to everybody, the experts from COVID Action Collab have designed a verbal screening questionnaire. Dr. Dr. RK Prasad will present this tool, which can assist in screening people for ILI over the phone or in waiting rooms and also support risk stratification and triage, supporting decisions around who can be treated at home or at the primary care clinics and who needs to be referred to a hospital for further care and testing.  

Noora Health: Care companion training and whatsapp bots for patient and clinician support 

Providing accurate and actionable information to at risk communities, care givers and patients is key while combating COVID 19. Noora Health is an innovative non-profit that empowers families of patients with high-impact medical skills making them an integral part of healthcare delivery. Noora will be discussing their care companion training programs and Whatsapp bot-based support for clinicians and other health care providers on key COVID related questions and protocols. 

Logistimo:  Tech based Logistics management solutions for COVID commodities 

To provide services in a rapidly changing environment during this pandemic strong supply chains for medical, testing and protective gear are critical. Logistimo will demonstrate their supply chain management solution which is adaptable for deployment in low resource settings. This solution is already in use in several states for managing immunization inventory and COVID19 supplies are being added on in various states as well, use case examples from these experiences will be discussed during the webinar. 

CloudPhysician: Tele-ICU platforms for intensive care 

The COVID-19 pandemic has strained India’s preexisting shortage of intensivists (<5,000). Hospitals are under staffed and under skilled to deal with the projected massive influx of critically ill patients. Critically ill COVID-19 patients require advanced therapies from highly trained personnel. Cloudphysician’s will present their ground-breaking tele-ICU platform, RADAR, which can allow 1 intensivist cater to 60-80 patients in multiple locations. Connecting intensivists using RADAR to as many beds as possible maximally utilizes their skill and experience while remote patient monitoring could protect much needed health staff from infection.

Vitraya Health: Tools for hospitals to simplify administration of private health insurance claims for COVID19

If private sector hospitals are to manage the inevitable influx of COVID19 patient’s, smooth reimbursements of private health insurance claims will be key in managing cash flow and maintaining smooth services. Vitraya Health has been working with private insurers and hospitals to make this possible and will be presenting their work on standardization of costs with major hospitals and an auto adjudication platform which will serve both insurers and hospitals to minimize administrative challenges in reimbursement. 


Innovative Solutions for Delivering Healthcare


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