to mount a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. across fields like #COVIDActionCollab brings together experts and organisations Scroll through to learn more about the collaborative
or click on the button below and apply to be a part of it

Key Focus Areas of the #COVIDActionCollab

The collaborative will leverage partner presence and capabilities augmented by the use of technology.

Calibrated Response

High impact package of services directly delivered to communities through each collaborative partner

Information Exchange

Build capacities for partners

Solution Circles

Assemble the right partners to solve critical challenges

The collaborative is now 150+ organisations strong
with a reach of over 2 million people
in 15 states and over 100 districts

A Collaborative of Organisations that supports the most vulnerable, survive and thrive during humanitarian crises like COVID

How You Can Engage (& Benefit)

Our aim through the collaborative is to rapidly and cost effectively prevent new infections, diagnose early, treat appropriately and care and mitigate any other impacts

Enroll yourself and also encourage other organisations or experts that can contribute and benefit from this collaboration to join hands with us. Some of the key value adds for engaging with the collaborative are access to:

1. People – World renowned experts, volunteers
2. Practical resources – Tools, frameworks, checklists, materials, medtech, technologies, etc
3. Financing – Whether you want to contribute or you need funding
4. Partnerships – of other organisations, capabilities and reach


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