We are an all India collaborative, that helps maximize resources in an urgent and dynamic manner to build community resilience in vulnerable populations

We have united to provide relief, recovery and build resilience among the most vulnerable communities. The collaborative consists of Organizations and Networks working together to support these communities during the period of crisis and enable them to secure their future. The 309 partners strong collaborative has delivered 17 lakh services with 2000 volunteers.

What sets us apart? Our approach and ambition.
1. We are deeply guided by humanity which has fueled a non-negotiable approach of taking every decision with only the community’s interest at heart. Always people first.
2. Another feature is that we are obsessed with the urgency that a social crisis deserves. The time is now.
3. We are further powered by the possibilities that working closely with value aligned partners present. Inspired by innovation.

Also, we are a ‘Leadership Focused Collaborative’, where each partner is not only a team player but also a captain delivering impact with clarity and conviction. All of this comes together TO HELP NURTURE COMMUNITY RESILIENCE INTO A SOURCE OF COLLECTIVE STRENGTH.

The Catalyst Group, the incubator is facilitating the formation and operation of the collaborative driving its success along with eminent partners such as USAID, the Skoll Foundation and the Macarthur Foundation.

A world that
is resilient &

Empowering the key vulnerable
communities to survive and thrive
during humanitarian crises.


We aim to achieve synergy among our partners at multiple levels and augment efforts in order to accelerate impact,

Synergize resource access and allocate efforts, in an adaptive and urgent manner

Augment collaboration and connections, within the larger network, at multiple levels

Accelerate transformative impact in keeping with the changing needs within vulnerable communities

About the Catalyst Group - Catalyst Group is a social impact platform with significant experience in social and economic development as well as humanitarian emergencies. Catalyst Management Services (CMS), part of the Catalyst Group, is a Social Impact Specialist that helps partners achieve Scale, Impact and Sustainability.

About USAID - USAID is the world’s premier international development agency and a catalytic actor driving development results. USAID’s work advances U.S. national security and economic prosperity, demonstrates American generosity, and promotes a path to recipient self-reliance and resilience.

About Skoll Foundation – The Skoll Foundation catalyzes transformational social change by investing in, connecting, and championing social entrepreneurs and other social innovators who together advance bold and equitable solutions to the world’s most pressing problems


By enrolling you can contribute to and benefit from this collaboration. Also, do encourage other organisations and experts to join hands with us. The key benefits of being part of the collaborative is access to people, resources, financing & partnerships and the ability to make a greater collective impact.

COVIDActionCollab is not merely an aggregation of partners, but is an aggregation of capacities, through which we have developed key high impact initiatives. We have drawn upon our one year’s experience at CAC and engagement with our large constituency of partners to put together a menu of initiatives for funders/investors to support which will save lives and livelihoods, and enable vulnerable communities to 'bounce forward’. Support these initiatives to build resilient communities